Energy Management

Power Factor (PF) relates to power quality or efficiency in a power supply system. A PF below 0.9 is low and a PF of 1 (unity) is the optimum. A major cause for low PF in industry and commerce can be traced to items of electrical equipment that may be technologically dated or not working to full rated capacity. High on the list of suspects are air conditioning compressor motors, machines running in idle mode and dated fluorescent lighting systems. This causes electrical inefficiencies to the incoming power supply system.

Supply Authorities recognise PFC as a well-established method of reducing electricity costs and other harmful effects which can usually be corrected with the installation of capacitor banks connected across the incoming power supply mains and/or other sections of the power system.

Other areas to consider energy saving methods include:

  • Replacing existing lighting including fluorescents with LED lighting.
  • Use sensor equipment to limit lighting time in some areas
  • Use new sensor technology and fixtures in emergency stairwell lighting systems.
  • Integrate Lighting Control Systems

Raston Group is constantly working with clients to fulfil their needs in achieving ways to reduce power consumption.

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